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22 May 2017

ANYPLAN: the app for organising business meetings at the fair


Operating since 1970 over 21 countries all over the world, Honegger is the leader company in Italy in the trade fairs marketing sector and it has recently released its new APP AnyPlan!

Are you a BUYER or AN EXHIBITOR? Don`t have the time to manage all the business meetings during a trade show or an event?

ANYPLAN is what you are looking for!


What`s AnyPlan?


AnyPlan is the new mobile app that allows users to organise business meetings in any trade show in the world, whether you are an exhibitor or a buyer.

It`s an important tool that will let you create your own personal agenda of trade fairs and events while saving time for planning individual or group meetings and sharing the agenda availability and matchmaking with new contacts.


You will be able to share “just with a click” your agenda availabilities for an event with all your email contact registered in your mobile phone address book and with all the users that are registered in the app. At the same time you can see the users’ profile that have confirmed their participation to the same trade fair and select them to organise a meeting during the event through the “share availability” function. The “Create Custom Meeting” function will allow you to extend the invitations for a specific date and time, filling all the free days in the agenda.


Register on AnyPlan and find the event that suits the best for you among a database of more than 4000 trade fairs.


Start saving your time! Managing business meetings won`t be an issue anymore as AnyPlan will make it easier!


16 May 2017

OXIGENIA is the official water sponsor!



OXIGENIA is the official WATER SPONSOR of Welcome Italia 2017!


Oxigenia is an innovative technology made by STEP-LINE, Leader Company in the Italian Food&Beverage sector with more than 3.500 machines sold in over 2.500 restaurants. Its technology allows hotels and restaurants to offer one of the best products on the market without transportation costs.


The “Oxigenia” brand is worldwide famous for his technology, able to mix oxygen with water 36 times more than a standard product and for being the first low calories water that perfectly fits the needs of restaurants, gym, offices and homes.


Oxigenia is the new water enriched without sugars, colourants or additional ingredients. It is perfect for sports and fitness since it is able to improve your performances.


Come to the Royal Horticultural Halls from the 13th till 15th of October to taste it!

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