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24 May 2018

london food and drink events 2018

Welcome Italia will be back in London soon!


5th-7th October 2018 @ Royal Horticultural Halls, Elverton St, London SW1P 2QW


Save the date!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and network with over 60 Italian food and wine producers, showcasing more than 300 Italian products. Being the first day exclusively open to food and beverage industry professionals, Welcome Italia is a great opportunity to taste the best of Italy and create the right connections with potential suppliers and partners for your business.

Check our website and social accounts to find out more about what is new this year!

Exclusive master classes providing valuable insights into exhibitors’ products from throughout the event will be held in the Cookery Theatre, a fully-fitted professional kitchen area, suitable to host up to 70 people. In the past editions, some of the greatest Italian chefs in the UK, such as Francesco Mazzei, Danilo Cortellini, Enzo Oliveri, Aldo Zilli and Joe Hurd, have all cooked up culinary delights on this stage.

We promise that this year, as every year, will be full of surprises. Of course, we cannot reveal everything now, so stay in touch with our latest news and updates about Welcome Italia by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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13 Oct 2017

Welcome Italia – brimming over with all things Italian and including a special Sicily focus

Tailor make your trip to Sicily whilst sampling rare Sicilian specialities and other high end quality products.

Federation of Italian Chefs UK President Enzo Oliveri will perform three live demonstrations at the Cookery Theatre. These will take place on Saturday 14th at 2.45pm and 5.30pm. And on Sunday 15th at 1.30pm

LONDON, 13th October 2017 – Chickpeas flour and curly Busiate pasta are two of the rare quality ingredients from Sicily which Londoners will have the opportunity to discover this weekend at the “Welcome Italia 2017”.

The fair, dedicated to Italian food and drink excellence, takes place on 13-15 October at the Royal Horticultural Halls (80 Vincent Square, Westminster, London SW1P 2PE). It is organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.

Friday is trade-only day; it is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

Enzo Oliveri, president of the UK delegation of FIC, is welcoming exhibitors for the first time in the UK, which will include some members of the “Consortium Export First in Sicily”. Ingredients include chickpea flour, used for traditional gluten-free panelle, curling Busiate pasta, anchovies, food preserves, extra virgin olive oil, coffee and organic herbs. These ingredients are used in the Oliveri’s restaurant “Tasting

Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen” in Piccadilly and will feature extensively in its forthcoming Christmas menu. The chef will demonstrate how to use them live during his three cooking shows at the Cookery Theatre: on Saturday 14th October at 2.45pm and at 5.30pm plus on Sunday 15th October at 1.30pm.

Welcome Italia is also provide the launch of tailored touristic services to the island, including luxury itineraries and other events, thanks to a new partnership with PRC Repubbliche. Other partners include SicilyUnlimited which is organizing summer schools in Sicily, in collaboration with SicilyCulture.

Oliveri, who is promoting a “Culinary Medicine” project focusing on healthy eating, was the official head chef for the Italian team during the Cycling World Championship in Bergen last month, in which they won 7 medals.

06 Oct 2017

Delicatezza presents its Welcome Pack!

Delicatezza is the UK’s freshest online Italian delicatessen, founded in 2013 by two friends who partnered with a UK-based Italian food producer and importer. The company delivers the shopping to people’s homes or offices and to companies from Monday to Saturday, throughout the United Kingdom.

Delicatezza is Welcome Italia’s official partner and we are glad to announce that it will be presenting its Welcome Pack at our show.

It is an unique opportunity for Italian producers and suppliers to strengthen their presence in the UK market. The Welcome Pack gives an integrated logistics, marketing and sales service, all included! Promocode: WELCOMEITALIA17

Start to discover about this deal on the Website ( and come to the stand B11 to discover more and meet Delicatezza!


27 Sep 2017

Unaprol brings The Perfect Food to London!

Unaprol, the olive and olive oil consortium, is the main Italian organisation for olive products on both a national and a European scale. It represents more than 250,000 companies in Italy, with a total production area of 230,000 hectares. The consortium is constantly working on a range of activities, from promotional events to initiatives aimed at improving product quality and environmental sustainability in all the production chain.

“The Perfect Food” is a Unaprol project produced in collaboration with The European Union and Italian Institutions. Its aim is to increase consumers’ awareness about olives and olive oil products, their benefits, their production techniques and both their original Italian and European identity.


Come to the Unaprol stand at Welcome Italia to learn more about the consortium and taste their delicious products!


25 Sep 2017

Macellaio RC is coming to Welcome Italia!

Macellaio RC is an exciting brand that aims to take to your table the best Italian ingredients along with the stories of the farmers behind them.


The original idea was born in Genova by Roberto Costa since then the project have been going forward until 5 years ago, when we opened the first restaurant in South Kensington, and we became the new innovative reality in London’s restaurant scene.


Macellaio RC specialises in the selection of Fassona Beef from Piemonte, serving cuts dry aged for 5-7 weeks. Each of our branches has its own particularity, like the Sicilian Red Tuna in our Exmouth Market branch or the Ligurian Bakery created at our 3rd branch in Union Street.


Our mission is to offer an essential and ingredient-led cuisine that highlights the quality of raw materials.

Telling the stories of the guardians of this ultimate quality is equally important to preserve our own culinary culture and heritage.


This is Macellaio: sit back, relax and let us do the rest!

18 Sep 2017

Etnacoffe’s pop-up shop at Welcome Italia: Taste it. Love it!

The Bauso brothers’ dream was to spread Sicilian cuisine all over the world. The dream became a reality: the brothers succeeded in bringing Sicilian taste all over the world, opening branches in London and New York. Now Etnacoffee has become one of the main Italian ambassadors for Arancino in London, the best known Sicilian product along with Cannolo.

The secret to their success is selecting the best Sicilian suppliers and using exclusively traditional recipes. With two cafes, one in Baker Street and one in Victoria Arcade, Etnacoffe provides an all day long service: for breakfast, lunch and dinner a different kind of food will be served.

During Welcome Italia you will be able to discover Etnacoffee’s unforgettable taste in its pop-up bar.


26 Jul 2017

A Short History of the Italian Cuisine Home And Abroad

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” (Monty Pythons, Life of Brian, 1979)


When one conjures up an image of an Italian restaurant it abides to a quite well-known stereotype around the world – pasta, pizza, and gelato. This is not to say this image is incorrect, but rather that it represents a very narrow part of the extensively diverse gastronomic scene present in Italy. The history of Italian cuisine is one that expands across time and space, shaped by over three thousand years of cross-cultural currents of people and cultures, including the Etruscans, the Greeks, the Romans and many more. Even today Italy’s cuisine changes and reinvents itself from region to region. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the peninsula split into autonomous regions that went on to define themselves not only through their dialect, but through their food as well. And even after the Italian unification in 1861, the regions kept their unique identities through culinary specialities. This geographic variety is not only the result of historical cultural influence, but also the result of the different climates this unique peninsula possesses. From the chilly Alps to the sizzling shores of Sicily, it is no surprise that the soil of this peninsula can grow a range of ingredients like very few other countries in the world. As a consequence, Italian cuisine favours simple ingredients, grown or preserved locally, and cooked simply to best appreciate their natural flavours. Nevertheless, there is an overarching culture of eating good food with the ones you care about that bind the Italian people to a common way of life – l’arte di mangiare bene. And this art of eating well has spread across the world.


The love for Italian food abroad began with the mass emigration of Italians to the United States of America during the late 19th and early 20th century, when Italy was suffering first from poverty and the later by effects of the First World War. A lot of the economic immigrants came from the South of Italy, including Neapolitan immigrants that brought pizza with them, one of the first Italian gastronomic traditions to gain popularity outside of Italy. Another classic piece of Italian ‘street food’ that gained popularity at this time was the panino, or Italian sub. However, basic Italian ingredients only became available outside of Italy during the late 80s when the Mediterranean Food revolution took the world by storm and products from olive oil to pasta, and even canned tomatoes began to be exported to the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Yet, this wasn’t the first time the Brits had had a taste of the peninsula’s cuisine, as the same Roman roots that influenced the Italian cuisine came to Britain in 43 AD when Claudius and his troops landed on the South Coast of Britain. The Celtic Britons enjoyed wine, olive oil, fruits, vegetables and dishes that the Romans imported, but the same cuisine that sprouted in Italy as a result of this influence never came to fruition in this Nordic island with a much different history, climate and culture. This was true until the 80s, as Italian restaurants began to open in the UK, and became popular by selling the romantic image of La Dolce Vita. Many of these restaurants were independently owned by Italian immigrants, and thus imported the basic Italian ingredients they couldn’t find, but as these ingredients began to appear supermarkets picked up on the trend and started to import and sell the products themselves. Today, it is safe to say that Italian cuisine, although maybe a narrow portion of it has assimilated itself into British culture and around the world as it is no longer seen as exotic but in its true simplicity. That is because the beauty of Italian food is not only in the technique, but more than anything in the ingredients, in the primary resources that grow and taste special because of where they come from – without those, it wouldn’t be the unique and unmatched cuisine it is. In order to see, taste, and learn about these incomparable ingredients come along to the 5th edition of Welcome Italia and get to experience the authentic and traditional providers of the world famous dishes we have all come to love!


14 Jul 2017

The Italian Niche is coming to London


The Italian Niche has just launched his Pop-Up Shop “Spazio Italia”!!

The store, situated in the heart of London, will represent a great opportunity for the Italian Food&Beverage companies willing to enter the UK market. The companies will benefit from reduced cost of transportation that usually stops the small size company to export in the UK. At the same time, buyers and distributors will be invited to the store to discover the new Made in Italy products.

For the public, it will be a great way to buy products directly from Italy.

Come to the Royal Horticultural Halls from the 13th to the 15th of October to taste the best products from Italy. “Spazio Italia” will be there!! Have you already booked your ticket?

15 Jun 2017

Best of Welcome Italia: take part in the competition and promote your company.

“Best of Welcome Italia” is the official competition of Welcome Italia 2017. The competition offers the exhibitors the possibility of entering the British market. A jury of professional in Italian food&beverage based in the UK will select and reward the best performing companies at the fair and provide them with the instruments necessary to successfully access to the UK market, thanks to our partner NIFE IS LIFE.

Nifeislife is the leading company in the UK for the e-commerce of Italian products, with more than 10’000 returning customers and 300 daily orders in London and in the rest of the country.

Each company will present to the jury the product they believe will best suit and succeed in the UK market. The products will be evaluated on Friday, while the winners will be announced on Sunday.

The winners will have the chance to sign a promotional contract of 3 months with Nifeislife, which will promote the product on their website making it available for purchase to the public.

08 Jun 2017

Bormioli Rocco: The finest supplier of Italian tableware and glassware in Italy and the world!


From what started as a small, traditional laboratory to an international business, we are honoured to be showcasing Bormiolli Rocco’s finest glassware at Welcome Italia 2017!

Bormioli Rocco was founded by Luigi Bormioli and began as a traditional artesian glassware laboratory in Fidenza, Italy in 1825, and is now a longstanding tradition of 8 generations. Today, Bormioli Rocco has 8 production facilities, 2 decorative workshops, 7 office branches, 6 tableware stores, more than 2000 employed, and exports its products to more than 100 countries in the world. Thus, it is to no surprise that it is one of the most important glassware and tableware producers on the international scene, as their products are perfect for any occasion. Bormioli Rocco produces an array of glasses, goblets and cups that allow their customers, whether they are buying for a restaurant or a home, to embellish the dinner table and to better enjoy every drop of any beverage. From water to wine, or beer to cocktails, Bormiolli Rocco has a product that will turn any occasion into a fine dining experience. They are able to meet anyone’s needs through their interactive and creative catalogue titled ‘Italian Stories’, in which they truly cater to every and any occasion as every theme has a story to tell.

Bormioli Rocco is ready to approach the British market with its excellent products to show the aesthetic tradition of glassware and tableware, and how such an artisanal craft can make a world of difference at the dinner table. Want to try some of Italy’s best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in this famous glassware? Then come along to the 5th edition of Welcome Italia!

Book NOW your free ticket from the 13th till the 15th of October 2017!


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