Welcome Italia is proud to support the BFI (British Film Institute) in the first ever comprehensive UK retrospective of Bellocchio’s films. Marco Bellocchio is one of the best filmmakers to have emerged from Italy in the 1960s. His work is a great combination of moral questioning, satire and culture. In July the BFI and Ciné … Continue reading →WELCOME ITALIA IS NOW SUPPORTING THE BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE!
20 Jun 2018
Theo Randall

Special Guest of 2018: Theo Randall!

‘The Times’ describes him as ‘this country’s best non-Italian Italian chef’… We are proud to announce Theo Randall as the special guest of 2018 edition! He is the owner of ‘Theo Randall at the InterContinental’, nonetheless, he is best known for being awarded a Michelin star at The River Café in London. His international reputation … Continue reading →Special Guest of 2018: Theo Randall!
15 Jun 2018
Area Vino WI

New Wine Area 2018

                          Welcome Italia’s team is pleased to announce the fair will host a brand new wine area, full of amazing Italian wines! Given past year visitor’s feedbacks and current market trends (+8% of Italian wine exports to UK in 2017) we decided to … Continue reading →New Wine Area 2018
06 Oct 2017

Delicatezza presents its Welcome Pack!

Delicatezza is the UK’s freshest online Italian delicatessen, founded in 2013 by two friends who partnered with a UK-based Italian food producer and importer. The company delivers the shopping to people’s homes or offices and to companies from Monday to Saturday, throughout the United Kingdom. Delicatezza is Welcome Italia’s official partner and we are glad to … Continue reading →Delicatezza presents its Welcome Pack!
27 Sep 2017

Unaprol brings The Perfect Food to London!

Unaprol, the olive and olive oil consortium, is the main Italian organisation for olive products on both a national and a European scale. It represents more than 250,000 companies in Italy, with a total production area of 230,000 hectares. The consortium is constantly working on a range of activities, from promotional events to initiatives aimed … Continue reading →Unaprol brings The Perfect Food to London!
25 Sep 2017

Macellaio RC is coming to Welcome Italia!

Macellaio RC is an exciting brand that aims to take to your table the best Italian ingredients along with the stories of the farmers behind them.   The original idea was born in Genova by Roberto Costa since then the project have been going forward until 5 years ago, when we opened the first restaurant … Continue reading →Macellaio RC is coming to Welcome Italia!
18 Sep 2017

Etnacoffe’s pop-up shop at Welcome Italia: Taste it. Love it!

The Bauso brothers’ dream was to spread Sicilian cuisine all over the world. The dream became a reality: the brothers succeeded in bringing Sicilian taste all over the world, opening branches in London and New York. Now Etnacoffee has become one of the main Italian ambassadors for Arancino in London, the best known Sicilian product along … Continue reading →Etnacoffe’s pop-up shop at Welcome Italia: Taste it. Love it!
08 Jun 2017

Bormioli Rocco: The finest supplier of Italian tableware and glassware in Italy and the world!

  From what started as a small, traditional laboratory to an international business, we are honoured to be showcasing Bormiolli Rocco’s finest glassware at Welcome Italia 2017! Bormioli Rocco was founded by Luigi Bormioli and began as a traditional artesian glassware laboratory in Fidenza, Italy in 1825, and is now a longstanding tradition of 8 … Continue reading →Bormioli Rocco: The finest supplier of Italian tableware and glassware in Italy and the world!

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