Giancarlo Caldesi

Chef and Founder of Caldesi Group

Giancarlo first came to public attention when he featured in the BBC2 series “Return to Tuscany” in 2006. The series, which was broadcast world-wide, followed the jovial ‘larger than life’ chef as he and his then fiancée Katie set up and launched a residential cookery school in Tuscany. The show climaxed with them getting married in a dreamlike Tuscan wedding that they had only 3 days to arrange.

Since Return to Tuscany Giancarlo has been a frequent visitor to our screens appearing as a guest on a vast array of foodie programs such as BBC1’s Masterchef, The Good Food Channels Market Kitchen & Monster Munchies, BBC2’s Out of the Frying Pan and many more. Giancarlo is also a regular ‘expert’ guest on the BBC Breakfast couch where his expertise as a restaurateur and chef has been called on to talk about topics ranging from excess salt in food to whether menus should carry calorie counts.

As an author he has co-written two cookery books, the BBC series companion ‘Return to Tuscany’ and ‘The Italian Mamas Kitchen’ and has been commissioned to co-author two further books ‘The Preserving Handbook’ and an as yet untitled book which explores the food of the Amalfi coast. He also is a regular contributor to articles for National newspapers and food magazines with a specialism on the food of Tuscany.
His live work includes a number of UK and International food festivals such as Masterchef Live, Foodies Festivals, Good Food and Wine Shows and Taste Italia where he entertains audiences with his lively yet informative cookery demonstrations.

As a businessman he is the owner of the Caldesi Group of Restaurants and Cookery Schools with restaurants in London’s Marylebone and culinary mecca, Bray, in Berkshire. A passionate chef Giancarlo can often be found cooking at the restaurants and entertaining diners with his stories behind the Tuscan dishes he creates.

In 2010 Giancarlo was awarded the ‘Ordine Della Stella Della Solidarieta Italiana’ (The Order of Italian Solidarity) by the Italian government, one of the highest honors an Italian chef can receive from his native country.

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