Marcello Cauda

Bartender, The Mezzanine Bar at the Stratford Hotel

Welcome, everybody, I’m Marcello an Italian guy From Turin, I have always wanted to become a bartender since I was 10 years old whilst at my friend’s birthday party I was mixing all nonalcoholic drinks mixing up juices and fizzy drinks. At the age of 14, I chose a hospitality school in Italy where I’ve started practicing and had the opportunity to learn more about liqueurs and spirits, in the meantime during the summer I was working in a small bar on the south of Italy, there was when I started loving this job. There was the head bartender which was amazing, he teaches me a lot. After finishing school I wanted to find I nice job just like back home in Turin but I didn’t have much luck so I decided to get more into the fantastic world of drink so I attended 2 courses IBA and Ebs in London. Then I didn’t have luck to find a good job in my hometown so I decide to try to go abroad so I end up in Bristol, in one Italian restaurant where I’ve improved my English and I can finally do what I always wanted to do create and make cocktails and get to know more the World of wine. After this nice experience, I had a fantastic opportunity to be part of one new opening hotel. No 15 great Pulteney (Best new opening hotel 2017uk) a small and fantastic cocktail bar, 9 tables, great to be creative. After 1 year and a half, I ‘ve decided to go even further away. I moved to Melbourne Australia, Took me 1 week to find a job in a fantastic Speakeasy cocktail bar called: Beneath driver lane, simply fantastic, live music classic Cocktails and Fun! A lot of fun! When I was there I also did a couple of competition Like Patron and Woodford, Those make me learn a lot. After 1 year I decided to go back home to see my parents again, On the way back I forwarded my cv to Enrico (my bar manager), for a new opening Hotel And after 2 weeks I’ve landed in London, The Best City for bartending and for the Industry. If you want to be the best you have to compare it with the best. At the Moment I’m at the Mezzanine bar in Stratford, and I enjoying every single day. This job isn’t just a job but a profession. The best Profession in the world. I am a bartender for profession and I consider myself lucky because I have made my work my passion. I don’t really know where I will see myself in the future I know that with Bartending I will be able to travel around the world and meet Fantastic people. After some years around I want to choose the place and maybe start my own activity.


Thank you



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