Matteo Riganelli

Born in Rome, 29 years old, Matteo is the Executive Chef for Macellaio RC.  He has been passionate about food since he was very young. Growing up he had the chance to develop his passion and skills, year after year, thanks to his experiences in different kitchens and environments. It all started at his grandma’s kitchen, where he learned about tradition and the use of ingredients, moving forward to his studies of contemporary/modern cuisine and learning
the history and the changes of the cuisine during the past centuries, understanding how cooking techniques transformed during the years. Still thirsty for knowledge and the wish of keep growing to develop his own skills

Professional Experiences

• Worked with Antonio Sciullo, 2 Michelin
Stars chef in Rome
• High Level Catering in Milan with the
Executive Chef Antonio Marangi
• Experience with other Michelin starred
Chefs around Italy
• Executive Chef for Macellaio RC in charge
of the 4 branches of the company

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