23 Jul 2019

ENIT Itineraries: Emilia

Italy is known for its breathtaking landscapes, amazing food and the culture that has permeated the country since the beginning of times.

Emillia region, with a wide range of artistic cities, villages and castles to offer, constitutes one of the most original circuits of the country. The areas of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia where great protagonists of music, culture and cuisine have lived, extend from the great River Po up to the Apennines and enclose the core of the Italian Food Valley.

One of Emilia’s strengths is in fresh pasta: in the many restaurants and holiday farms spread throughout the region, you can taste from a selection including cappelletti, anolini and tortelli.
What goes along so well with pasta? Parmigiano Reggiano. A cheese that is produced in the exact same way as eight centuries ago, with the same ingredients, techniques and artisanal love. But it’s a cheese that can also be appreciated during an amazing aperitivo, with some traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia, paired with Culatello, a traditional delicious cured meat, and Parma Ham, with its “sweet”, delicate and slightly salty flavour. And what’s food without wine? Toast with some Lambrusco, sparkling ruby red, Spergola and the splendid Malvasia, all produced in Emilia.

Emilia is also nature. The placid and horizontal nature of the Po plain, the longest river in Italy, which is mostly navigable. The nature of the rolling hills that are easily reachable from the main town centres. The nature of the green Apennines valleys, dotted with woods, lakes and trails.
It’s a land of monasteries and pathways marked out by the passage of medieval pilgrims headed for Rome. Emilia also offers spa resorts like the appealing Salsomaggiore, which along with Tabiano and Monticelli guarantee a wide choice of places for treatments and relaxation.

In Emilia you’re bound to come across places that ooze history: from the Roman artefacts to medieval manors, from Renaissance palaces to museums, from churches to the city walls, from the municipal theatres to the evocative squares.
Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia are cities where the experience of art combines with the modernity of services in a lively and rich context of cultural events, with cutting-edge proposals in the fruition of art, culture and music. Emilia is also a land of fortresses, castles, historic dwellings and villages. There are more than fifty!
Giuseppe Verdi was born in this wonderful land, where he lived and composed his most famous arias. With the Verdi Festival and the Emilian opera program, the Maestro is confirmed as an advocate for our land at an international level.

Come and enjoy the taste of Emilia, a genuine and authentic land.


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