18 Sep 2017

Etnacoffe’s pop-up shop at Welcome Italia: Taste it. Love it!

The Bauso brothers’ dream was to spread Sicilian cuisine all over the world. The dream became a reality: the brothers succeeded in bringing Sicilian taste all over the world, opening branches in London and New York. Now Etnacoffee has become one of the main Italian ambassadors for Arancino in London, the best known Sicilian product along with Cannolo.

The secret to their success is selecting the best Sicilian suppliers and using exclusively traditional recipes. With two cafes, one in Baker Street and one in Victoria Arcade, Etnacoffe provides an all day long service: for breakfast, lunch and dinner a different kind of food will be served.

During Welcome Italia you will be able to discover Etnacoffee’s unforgettable taste in its pop-up bar.


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