Azienda Agricola Cavalieri (Stand A6)

The wine producing tradition of Cavalieri family started in the second half of the XIX century. A document drafted on 10th September 1879, about the division of a piece of land planted with vines, shows the family bent for vine growing and wine production; they have been working in the farm of Montecagnolo for five generations. Its eight hectares are located on a privileged hill position, 380 metres above sea-level and below the ancient Lanuvio, which is considered as an area of great wine producing tradition in the Roman Castles; the volcanic land, its wonderful exposure and the breeze coming from the sea not so far, are fundamental elements for a wine of such an excellent quality. Cavalieri family take personal care of each production phase, using not only their experience, but also modern wine cellar techniques, such as the grapes selection, the fermentation in white of first press must, a controlled temperature of fermentation until the bottling process, guaranteeing the high quality and genuineness of their product. Contatti: Address: Via Montecagnolo, 16 City: Genzano di Roma Phone number: +39 06-9375807 Email: Persona da Contattare (indicare nome e posizione nell’azienda): Giancarlo Cavalieri, Titolare Internet & Social: Website: Facebook:  

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