Azienda Agricola Donato Parisi (Stand E5)

The “Azienda Agricola Donato Parisi” was born in the twenties as a farm based on a tradition of 3 generations focus on production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The first pioneer, Giuseppe Donato Parisi was born in 1879 who started producing wheat, wine and olive oil but then he has specialized on the production of olive oil only. Today we produce high quality products under the guide of Donato Parisi who is continuing to produce only 100% Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil with new technologies but remembering the family tradition. Today we are situated in Rossano, in the Sibari’s plain, one of the most important place of period of Big Greek (Magna Grecia). From 2004 we introduced a special selection of Monocultivar, extra virgin olive oils of single variety. Then the harvest these cultivars are brought to the olive oil mill in a few hours and cold-pressed separately. Our philosophy is aimed at develop new ways to reduce the environmental impact and to give to our employees a relax place to work. From 2017 we adopted one traffic roundabout to curate the lawn and we have adopted an ancient olive oil tree in the middle of a street to monitor Its and to study Its birth date. Finally our farm use more than 70% of electric energy that we produce trough solar power. We believe in a sustainable world. Nome azienda: Az. Agr. Donato Parisi Contatti: Address: C/da Scinetto snc City: Rossano (CS) Phone number: +39 0983 64956 / +39 3280659007 Email: Persona da Contattare: Dott. Enrico Parisi Internet & Social (indicare link funzionanti): Website: Facebook: Olio Donato Parisi Instagram: olio parisi

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