Barone Carni (Stand F4)

Barone Carni, founded in 1980 by Antonino Barone, combines professionalism and experience to offer clients quality products. But what is quality? According to Enzo who took over his father’s business in 2000, quality is the flavour of meat supplied by breeders whose animals are fed and reared in the best and most ethical way possible. The attention to “zero kilometer” principles (better known in English as farm to table) and the clarity of the sources are fundamental to the discerning client. Customer satisfaction is proof of their working methods: being a good butcher, appreciating the value of local products, being the first and foremost consumer, advising clients are all important factors. Company name:  Barone Enzo Srl Address: via Cocito 32 City: Castelnuovo Calcea (AT)

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