Chinottissimo Bevande Italiane (Stand B13)

Simone Neri and his partners, always with the utmost attention to quality, also started producing Arancissima, Limonissimo, Gassosissima and Spumissima, with a distribution network also abroad. Chinottissimo and its "sisters" are superlative, gluten-free drinks of the highest quality, without chemical additives and artificial colors, successfully used in many trendy clubs to prepare cocktails. Nome azienda:  PNERI SRL Contatti: Address: VIA LUSITANIA 4 City:       ROMA Phone number: +39 0694428713 Email: Persona da Contattare: Simone Neri Amministratore   Internet & Social: Website: Facebook: Chinottissimo Instagram: ilchinottissimo Twitter: @Chinottissimo YouTube: Chinottissimo

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