L’avventura – Produttori di felicità (Stand F2)

Passion always render good fruit. L’Avventura started in 2015, when Stefano and Gabriella decided to transform their common passion for nature and wine into a new fascinating activity. In the same year, they bought the first 8,650 acres in the Piglio area, which was followed by the acquisition of new farm lands in La Forma, Gavignano and Anagni. In a few months the new installations were completed and the old ones started to give the first important results. Today the Winery is converting to biological agriculture, and it follows the techniques of organic and regenerative agriculture. It can actually counts on 30 acres. The backbone of the farm is its seven different types of vineyards. It produces red wine, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. It also has a fruit orchard which soon will supply fruit to make all types of jams. Finally, other novelties are arriving. They will confirm the farm’s vocation for the search of a quality level that combines local traditions with its modern and innovative vision in agriculture. Nome azienda: L’Avventura Happiness Makers Contatti: Address:          Corso Garibaldi 22 City:                 Colleferro 00034 Phone number:  +39 0669429871 Email:  info@agriavventura.itmatteo.stavole@agriavventura.it Persona da Contattare: Matteo Stavole per l’allestimento e spedizione merce. Stefano Matturro e Gabriella Grassi titolari dell’azienda parteciperanno alla fiera   Internet & Social: Website: www.agriavventura.it Facebook: www.facebook.com/AvventuraAgricola2015  

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