The necessity to produce ever-growing quantities of high-quality extra virgin olive oil was the spark which generated OL.MA., in 1969, the “Collegio Toscano degli olicvicoltori” (The Association of Tuscan olive growers). The “Co-operative” is rooted in the old oil-mill, named “Madonnino”,  which, for more than a century, had guaranteed to the whole area an excellent olive oil production, oil which was the fruit of the prestigious olive trees grown on the splendid surrounding hills. The growth of the original structure along with company re-organisation, currently signifies the ability to accommodate  more  than   1.200   olive  growers and   has  ensured an  optimal response to the increasing demands of the national and international markets. OL.MA., as always, continually striving towards the best olive cultivation, considered to be both a social and cultural heritage, with the use of the most modern technology available, along with the greatest respect for tradition, has made QUALITY its strongest point.  

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