Puglia Gourmet (Stand C4)

The Apulia Region has conquered the heart of so many tourists, so much to be defined the queen of the Italian tourism .A lot of it is credited to the beauties of the landscape and to the food tourism for which it is at first places in Europe and the world. Wines, cheeses, pasta, cold meats, rolls  and  capocollo of Martina Franca , bread of Altamura, but also sweets, fruit and baked goods are all very sought-after and they belong to the patrimony of slow food. For years the association PUGLIA GOURMET, presided from the journalist and advertising agent Antonio Rubino, sponsored by the Apulia Region, promotes all over the world the excellences  of the Region. Events of food trucks, advertising campaign on the web and mobile marketing or villages of Apulia that exalt territory and culture. Puglia gourmet is a  brand that guarantees and certifies the quality of the products. The association makes use of the publishing group Puglia Press and publics  specialized magazines with the mark Puglia Gourmet. www.pugliagourmet.com info +390804800600

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