Torpedino (Stand B14)

Torpedino is a rustic small-site tornato, belonging to the family of Minisanmarzano. Its characteristics are absolutely unique:
  • a good balanced between sweetness and acidity;
  • a particularly compact pulp; - a reduced content of seeds;
  • an intense and unique flavour with aromatic notes.
We can finally bring back that traditional tornato on the table. The year 2011 was a turning point. Fondi became the exclusive area for the production of Torpedino which made in the first registered trademark tornato of Lazio. Behind Torpedino trademark, you will find a dose and passionate group of producers from Fondi's countryside that identify themselves in a new way of farming. Torpedino is produced in an ethical manner, it's healthy for consumers and for famers. ft is tastier not only for its organoleptic properties, but also because it is loved by producers and sellers. Nome azienda: TORPEDINO SRL Contatti: Address: VIA PONTE GAGLIARDO, 2 City:    FONDI - LT Phone number: 0771502623 — CELL.3409278447 Email: Persona da Contattare : MARIANO DI VITO — RAPPRESENTANTE LEGALE Internet & Social : Website: WWW.TORPEDINO.IT Facebook: MAFALDA SRL

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