U.P.R.O.L. (Stand F6)

From the oldest tradition of Ancient Greek olive oil comes our natural and biological oil, from the original land named LUCANIA under Roman Empire. Only natural products and strictly biological procedures give us the best olive oil with ancient flavours and charming shades of … green !!! Our oil is the perfect tool to cook italian plates like pasta, pizza etc or to serve vegan or sofisticated but natural dishes. Nome azienda: U.P.R.O.L. Contatti: Address: Via Torraca, 92 City: Potenza Phone number: 338/2002293 Email: biolucano@studiolapenta.it Persona da Contattare: CLAUDIO CUFINO – DIRETTORE Internet & Social: Website: www.biolucano.it Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biolucano-181019992545283/

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