Unaprol (Stand G4)

Unaprol, the largest association of Italian olive oil producers, aims to raise awareness on the quality olives and olive oil among as wide an audience as possible. The "Looking for the perfect food" project mission is to affirm the unique, recognizable identity of quality olives and olive oil through sound reasoning, presenting facts that can be verified by consumers and operators. The concept in the campaign’s strategy is “The Search for the Perfect Food”: an approach involving all the targets, because each has a specific contribution to make to the aim of achieving a greater awareness of the rewarding aspects of using quality European products. A search that brings to light key aspects: varietal consistency, provenance, natural goodness, landscape values and environmental sustainability, know-how, farm to fork traceability and the quality of PDO/PGI products, nutritional value and flavor, compatibility with the Mediterranean Diet and modern cuisine, and so forth. A campaign focusing on olives and olive oils as an ideal synthesis, rare in other foods, combining flavour, healthy nutrition and versatility of use. A concept in line with the current trend of raised consumer awareness, leading to increasingly informed and conscious choices. An ongoing search, open to contributions from everyone.

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