Vino Buono LTD (Stand H6)

“VinoBuono” offer Italian Tap Quality Wine in keg or in bag in box. We sell wine to Restaurants/Bar/Pubs and we sell/rent also a wine dispenser. We have a good selection of wines from all the Italian regions: Sparkling, Still, Organic and Vegan. Two principals are our motto Quality and the Environment. We know the wine producer; we met them and the local culture and try the wines before to sell it. Using the wines of “VinoBuono” a restaurant can offer a large choice of different types and quality wine on carafe or by glass. There are huge advantages to wine on tap:
  • Sell wine by the glass guaranteeing fresh wine from the first glass to the last
  • No need for wine stock and no need for space to place bottles
  • No oxidation, no corkage, no spoilage and no waste
  • Speed of service – no time wasted pulling corks!
  • No rubbish or cardboard recycling at closing
  • Green value reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured out of bottles
Nome azienda:  VinoBuono Ltd Contatti: Address:          38 Warren Road City:                 Stockport Phone number: +44 (0) 7404456300 Email: Persona da Contattare: Davide Puglielli - Owner   Internet & Social: Website: Facebook:

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