Danny Mccubbin

Chef and Host

Mentor, food campaigner and social entrepreneur, Danny McCubbin has dedicated his career to promoting food-focussed social enterprises and helping diverse businesses create social value, with the belief that food has the power to transform lives.

While Danny played a crucial role in Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners programme and the Jamie Oliver Fiheen apprenticeship scheme that helped disadvantaged young people find a career in food, he is also the founder of the UK San Patrignano Association and serves as its UK ambassador. The social enterprise in Italy is one of the world’s most progressive, successful drug rehab communities, helping its young residents overcome addiction through skills including winemaking, food growing and restaurant placements.

Through his work, Danny has created a worldwide network of both small and large social enterprises, sharing ideas and information and consulting on various food-focused projects, as well as fundraising, hosting supper clubs and aiding collaboration between diverse community organisations. Most recently, Danny has been a judge on the Giving Back panel at the well- respected Young British Foodies Awards, been nominated for the Foodism 100 Positive Change Hero, and collaborated on the hugely successful Cook for Syria campaign.

Danny is now Culture Manager at Jamie Oliver headquarters in London, where he spearheads a breakfast and lunch programme that feeds 100 people daily, bringing staff together over a meal and spreading Jamie’s core belief in the power of food education. Danny also leads events and workshops to encourage young people to enter the hospitality industry, as well as continuing his work as a mentor and facilitator for both Fiheen and San Patrignano. Through his various roles, Danny has built an engaged social media following and runs social media workshops and consultations for charities, NGOs and community-based projects to help and encourage them to spread their message. Danny is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on how food can be used as a force for positive change.

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