15.45 - 16.30

“London as International hub for Italian Food Companies” Conferenza

In collaboration with The Red Pot London, we will hold a conference titled “London as International hub for Italian Food Companies”. Thanks to its cultural diversity, London represents a strategical meeting point between supply and demand of Italian products and the local market, as well as of other identities and cultures such as the Middle East, Central Europe and Asia.



Laura Bianchini

Laura is the founder of The Red Pot London is a London-based manufacturer and distributor, dealing with import-export of continental food. We source premium Mediterraneaningredients, primarily from Italy, and also from Spain and Greece. She is also Managing Director of  20 WAYS Ltd is a UK importer and distributor of premium Italian Halal charcuterie and Muslim friendly ingredients. Laura has extensive knowledge of Italian food and her aim at serving healthy options and ready-to-eat products to Muslim customers across the globe.

Eastern Europe

Marek Schejbal 

Developed and running a unique trading platform www.emixit.eu initially exporting premium British food and drink products from Britain to trade buyers across the CEE region: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Baltic States, and Russian speaking countries. Now building ‘Taste of Italy’ platform for exports of premium food and drink products from Italy to the same trade customers across the CEE region. Previously provided market entry services on behalf of DIT (British government) and British PolishChamber of Commerce for British food exporters in Poland.
Regional Growth Trends
The European grocery retail market will add €377.6 billion in sales to reach €2,289 billion by 2022, with growth in the region driven by the dynamic economies of Central and Eastern Europe, according to new forecasts from international grocery research organization, IGD. The grocery retail markets of Poland, Romania, and Russia are expected to enjoy strong growth to 2022, benefiting from greater liberalization and integration with other European countries.


Saeeda Ahmed

Saeeda Ahmed is one of the key players in the Halal Industry globally and she is involved in global halal trade, training and education for the Halal ecosystem.
Saeeda has engaged with and has access to international Halal stakeholders such as buyers, distributors, businesses, and governments interested in Halal Trade. Enterprise Halal Ltd provides a
a one-stop complete solution for businesses and organizations wanting to access and grow in the international halal economy.
Saeeda is involved on a global level on the development and growth of the halal economy from an ethical and socially responsible model perspective. She has extensive contacts with British and
European businesses and networks in halal supply chains. This includes food and drink, cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceutical, consultancy and financial services.
Saeeda is an international Leadership Fellow at St George’s House (Windsor Castle), founder of Education Partnerships UK Founding Director, and partner in Gateway Islamic Consulting. Advisor to various government and international socioeconomic stakeholders on international trade, halal economy, and education. She successfully completed a Masters Degree in Community Enterprise at the University of Cambridge and senior collaborator of the Cambridge University Think Tank associated with health and nutrition (incorporating halal and wellness within this).

Saudi Arabia

Vincenzo Raschella

Vincenzo is one of the leading Italian Chef in Saudi Arabia since he arrived in the country in 2007. After the conference, Vincenzo will cook an Italian dish with halal products.


The speakers will be available for B2B meetings in the venue’s mezzanine after the conference.

Quick Info

  • 18/10/2019
  • 15.45 - 16.30
  • Cookery Theatre


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