22 Mar 2019

Italian food products in the department stores of London


Interested in expanding your business in the UK? London, with its fancy department stores, it is the dream of many producers, but which Italian food products have been able to reach what is commonly considered the “retailers’ Olympus”?

Apart from the renowned Harrods, there are many department stores spread around the city, offering the best selection of Food & Beverage thanks to their marvellous Food Halls.

The team of Welcome Italia visited four of them: Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and of course Harrods. From a detailed observation of the Food Halls and of the correspondent e-commerce, we were able to identify the range of Italian products available and create a detailed report, that will be useful to any business in the field that is interested in this type of market.

Findings point out that truffle-based products are experiencing a real boom in the UK market. Evergreen products are the extra virgin olive oil and the balsamic vinegar of Modena. This last is known as an elite product thanks to its fancy aged product range.

It has not been identified any emerging trend, showing that these types of stores do not cover the role of trend setter but are mainly focused on offering the excellence of Italian food already present in the UK market.

In the meantime, request our report on Italian food products in the department stores of London at  info@welcome-italia.co.uk.

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