27 Feb 2019

Italian Food&Beverage export in the UK in 2018


Brits are increasing their Google searches in the field of Italian cuisine. Most of the times they look for “Italian restaurants”; however, they are also trying to learn some Italian recipes, mainly made with pasta or chicken.

However, Italian cuisine enthusiasts are not homogeneously distributed around UK: most of the Google searches come from the areas of Bristol, London and Cambridge.

If we look at the export value of Italian Food&Beverage in the UK in 2018, the number is around 1,6 billion of euro.

Italian Food & Beverage export for the UK (Period January-September 2018, Absolute values and per capita)
Tons Kg per capita Billion in €z

€ per capita

United Kingdom 1414.382 22 1.6


If we consider the single sectors, the most popular products are pasta, peel tomato and tomato purees, followed by beans and cheeses.

Regarding the wine sector, it represents the 14% of the overall Italian Food & Beverage export in the UK.

Italian Food&Beverage Export for the UK: Top 10 products per kg per capita
Regno Unito Kg per capita
Sauces 0,3
Rice worked with round grains 0,4
Rice worked with long grains 0,3
Peeled Tomatoes 2,1
Stuffed and/or cooked pasta 0,4
Pasta 2,5
Tomato puree 1,3
Apples 0,3
Fresh cheeses and dairy products 0,2
Beans preserved without vinegar 1,2



Source: http://www.italiani.coop/litalia-sulle-tavole-deuropa/

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