25 Jul 2018

Lazio at Welcome Italia 2018

Thanks to the collaboration with ARSIAL, a great number of companies from Lazio will attend Welcome Italia 2018!
The cuisine of Lazio has an important feature: popular extraction.

‘Pasta amatriciana’, ‘maccheroni’, ‘asparagus’, ‘guanciale’, ‘porchetta’, ‘coppa’ and ‘trippa’ are just some of many traditional dishes of this region.
Roman cuisine is particularly well known thanks to recipes that are part of a so-called ‘poor dishes’ tradition. The best known delicacies are ‘carciofi alla romana’, ‘coda alla vaccinara’, ‘coratella’ d’abbacchio’, ‘grattachecca’ and ‘spaghetti alla carbonara’.

This region is not short of wines either. ‘malvasia di Candia’ and ‘trebbiano toscano’ are some of the most grown white grapes. Among red wines, some of the finest products are ‘cesanese’, ‘ciliegiolo’, ‘Montepulciano’, ‘merlot’, ‘cabernet sauvignon’ and ‘barbera’.

Come to Welcome Italia and discover delicacies from Lazio!

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