25 Sep 2017

Macellaio RC is coming to Welcome Italia!

Macellaio RC is an exciting brand that aims to take to your table the best Italian ingredients along with the stories of the farmers behind them.


The original idea was born in Genova by Roberto Costa since then the project have been going forward until 5 years ago, when we opened the first restaurant in South Kensington, and we became the new innovative reality in London’s restaurant scene.


Macellaio RC specialises in the selection of Fassona Beef from Piemonte, serving cuts dry aged for 5-7 weeks. Each of our branches has its own particularity, like the Sicilian Red Tuna in our Exmouth Market branch or the Ligurian Bakery created at our 3rd branch in Union Street.


Our mission is to offer an essential and ingredient-led cuisine that highlights the quality of raw materials.

Telling the stories of the guardians of this ultimate quality is equally important to preserve our own culinary culture and heritage.


This is Macellaio: sit back, relax and let us do the rest!

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