19 Mar 2019

Welcome Italia hosts the award-giving ceremony for the certification Italian Hospitality


We are proud to announce that Welcome Italia will host the award-giving ceremony of the prestigious certification Italian Hospitality, assigned to all the Italian restaurants of the UK, that were able to ensure compliance with quality standards typical of Italian hospitality.

This ceremony is part of the project “ITALIAN HOSPITALITY, ITALIAN RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD ” promoted by Unioncamere (Italian Association of Chambers of Commerce), based on the experience of the brand “Italian Hospitality” carried out with the operational support of IS.NA.RT (National Institute for Research on Tourism) and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

The aim of the project is to develop and promote the traditions of Italian food products by creating a certification recognised all over the world, able to guarantee the authenticity of the products employed and the training of the floor and kitchen staff.

The ceremony will bring together the most important players and guest of honour involved in the Italian hospitality in the UK, creating in this way worthwhile networking opportunities.


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